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Dave Ellis
Raider II Turbo #107

The Raider II Turbo still has the potential to be faster. These are just a few things that I have found that work. Maybe you can come up with other ways to make the boat faster without adding expense or undo complication. Click here to go to the turning guide.


Melbourne Yacht club agrees to host 2011 Raider Nationals

Oct 15th & 16th, 2011

We need a minimum of five boats each for both Raider 16 Sport and Raider II classes. Use of spinnakers will be up to the skippers. Nice perpetual trophys will be given for each class. We also need to join US Sailing One Design organization. If you havn't already done so send me a check for fifteen bucks. The winners will be able to particapate in US Sailing "Race of Champions". The Melbourne Club hosts excellent regattas with US Sailing PRO's running them and great before and after functions. Please communicate your intentions ASAP as there is some planning to be done.

Cats out of the bag. Two prototype Raider MarkII Turbo Sports were at the 2010 Mount Dora annual regatta and competed in the 12 boat Open/Portsmouth class. The Mount Dora Club claims their Regatta to be the oldest continuous sailboat race in the state of Florida.

After the start flag dropped for the first race Dave Ellis sailing solo in his Raider TS made his weekend dominance of the open class known at the first weather mark. In very shifty wind conditions with gusts and lulls ranging from 2 to 16 mph. Ellis led most of the five races on the two days from start to finish.  John Drawe and crew (Raider builder Mark Johannsen) finished in third place overall after stumbling through some spinnaker problems earlier in the regatta working their way back from 6th place. Drawe took the first over horn in the last race when Ellis missed a mark.

The new Raiders were very fast up wind and down, and passed many of the boats that started 5 minutes ahead in other classes in the two lap races.

RAIDER Mark II Turbo Sport